Lego is Planning a “Big Reveal” For Mario Day on March 10

Lego will make a Mario-related announcement later this week.

This Friday is Mario Day, or Mar10, and it looks like Lego will be announcing something new for Mushroom Kingdom builders to get their hands on.

According to Nintendo’s month-long list of Mario Day events (via VGC), the Lego Youtube channel is set to host a presentation including “exclusive content and a big reveal” on the day itself.

The Lego Mario broadcast will be held this Friday, March 10th, at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET.

The official Lego Twitter account has teased the show, promising “big updates… and even bigger reveals”. 

Those reveals look near certain to include more official sets based on the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario’s adventures. The account responded to a reply which professed the user’s love for the existing Lego Mario sets by saying, “There will be more to love come March 10!” 

Lego’s existing Mario sets include models based around classic Mario levels and environments, spin-off titles like Luigi’s Mansion, and character expansions that add enemies and allies from the Mario games. A select number of larger advanced builds have also been released including a Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block and Mighty Bowser model. 

The Lego store is running a special promotion until March 12th which offers bonus VIP points for purchases of Lego Mario products.

Recent leaks have also pointed towards the arrival of The Legend of Zelda Lego sets, including a model of the Great Deku Tree.

What Lego Mario sets would you like to see announced?

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