The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set Images Appear in Leaked Survey

The Legend of Zelda LEGO sets may be on the way, according to leaked images claiming to be from a confidential survey.

The images, shared to Reddit by user LinkWink, include two versions of a large-scale Great Deku tree LEGO set. Small figures of the series protagonist Link and the eponymous Zelda are visible to the side of the design.

The models include two versions of the series’ hero, one seemingly based on his N64 Ocarina of Time incarnation, and the other with his signature blue top from the Switch’s Breath of the Wild. The only model shown of Zelda appears to depict her in Breath of the Wild attire. The Ocarina-style Link can also be seen to be holding a small wooden shield and sword.

The two models of the Deku tree also appear to be based on the ancient wooden figure’s appearances in Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild. The latter model also includes figures for Koroks, with what looks like Hestu, Link’s inventory-upgrading and dance-loving friend from the game.

According to the poster, the set would include 1,920 pieces and would retail for “between $200 to $325 USD.”

It should be noted that, even if the images are real, they do not guarantee that The Legend of Zelda LEGO sets is definitely on the way. The images come as part of several leaked concepts, not guaranteed products.

Interest in The Legends of Zelda LEGO sets has been extremely high, with LEGO’s own fan submissions system receiving designs inspired by the game numerous years in a row.

What would you like to see recreated if The Legend of Zelda LEGO becomes a reality?

Here’s a fan design of what the Zelda LEgo set looks like:

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