Latest Starfield Update Has Over 500 Fixes

Bethesda has released the latest Starfield update, and it’s a massive one with over 500 fixes.

Update 1.10.31 includes eight new features for players as well as numerous updates to the game’s art, gameplay, graphics, and more.

“Our latest update brings new ways to show off your modeling skills in space with the addition of new poses and expressions for you and your companions,” Bethesda said. “We excitedly await more showing off of your photography!

“We also understand that digipicks are precious, so we’ve made an adjustment that allows you to Undo without the penalty cost of a digipick during the Security mini-game.”

You can check out the full list of fixes for yourself at the game’s website, including quest updates that contain spoilers. If you just want some of the bigger updates, you can see those below.

Starfield Update 1.10.31 Notes


  • PHOTOMODE: Added the ability to set Expressions and Poses on player and companions in Photomode.
  • SCANNER: You can now open doors and harvest with the scanner opened.
  • Setting course on an inactive quest will now make it the active quest.
  • Added support for adjusting FOV when using 3rd Person Ship view.
  • Added an Anisotropic filtering quality slider (PC).
  • Removed the digipick cost for using Undo during the Security mini-game.
  • Added an autosave when fast travelling from a planet’s surface to orbit.
  • Updated the Ship UI to perform more smoothly at higher framerates.


  • Fixed an issue with ship power allocations decreasing unintentionally due to crew member bonuses.
  • Crew bonuses for ship weapon recharge times should now be applied as intended while in targeting mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could turn the player’s head to the left when sprinting in 3rd person.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause artifacts to become inaccessible if the player left their location for a long time without retrieving them.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player housing decoration to be lost when there is a state change in New Atlantis.
  • Resolved an issue where Sarah could appear non-interactable if she was assigned to a ship or outpost during a conversation with Walter in the Lodge.


  • Resolved an issue that could make a workbench appear to be obstructed.
  • Fixed an issue with outposts where the player could see an infinite loading spinner while using the fly camera.
  • Resolved an issue with displaying Survey Data on data slate display stands in Outposts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause items placed on mannequins to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause objects placed near a connected hallway to disappear if the containing hab module was moved.
  • Fixed objects stacked onto auto-foundations not moving correctly if the foundation is moved.
  • Resolved an issue where building near a landing zone was prevented if the beacon is placed outside of it.

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  1. Why they can’t fix the main issues like empty ships and the game freezes is beyond me. The only people who care about the digipicks are the lazy ones that don’t know how to play an RPG.

  2. Why didn’t they fix camulus ship problem and construction of armillary problems. These other things are basically minor issues.

  3. Since the last update every time I try to fast travel to my ship in New Atlantis the game crashes on S/X . It’s unbearable.

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