The Last of Us TV Show Will ‘Be Around For a While’

the last of us tv show

Despite following the events of the game series – which at the moment is made up of just two titles – Craig Mazin, the co-creator, writer, and director of The Last of Us TV show has said that it’ll ‘be around for a while.

While sitting on an NAB panel that dove deep into the television show, Craig Mazin revealed that the second season of The Last of Us TV show is currently in the scripting stage, and as such, it’ll be one hell of a wait until it drops. We guessed it would be 2025 before it surfaces, and it looks as though we’re going to be proved right.

‘We Should Be Around For a While’.

The Last of Us debuted in 2013 and was expanded with the Left Behind prequel DLC and then a full follow-up, The Last of Us Part II, in 2020. To kick off 2023, The Last of Us TV show started airing, breaking records and pulling in staggering viewership numbers across the board.

It was revealed recently that there are plans to expand the show to cover a third season, but it’s also known that the show intends to follow closely the events outlined in the game series. However, given that there are only two instalments in the famed PlayStation (and now PC) franchise, it’s not entirely known how the show, as Mazin puts it, will ‘be around for a while.’

In a report published by Deadline, Mazin’s panel talk was broken down, and it states that he said there’s ‘quite a bit of story to tell’ regarding The Last of Us, and it sounds as though it’s going to take more than three seasons to see that story fully told.

For now, though, there’s a lengthy wait in store for fans for the next instalment of The Last of Us. At present, season two sits in the scripting stage, and all Mazin revealed is that it’s being shot in British Columbia. So, that’s the snowy, mountainous regions seen in The Last of Us Part II covered, then?

Will The Last of Us TV show fill gaps in the game franchise and come up with some more original content to flesh out the upcoming seasons?

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