Acolyte Showrunner Wants a KOTOR II Adaptation Focused on Kreia


Knights of the Old Republic II remains one of the most sought-after games in the modern-day remake stakes. In 2004, ‘KOTOR II’ was released to an eager audience, becoming one of the most universally renowned Star Wars games ever made. Fast forward more than two decades and it’s still at the top of the list when it comes to the most desirable remakes.

There’s a remake in production of the first KOTOR game, which was released in 2003, but there’s no talk at present of the second game being rebuilt.

Recently, The Acolyte’s showrunner, Leslye Headland, sat down in an interview and spoke about the success of the show, touching on future projects and tapping into her desire to create a live-action adaptation based on Knights of the Old Republic II – specifically focusing on Kreia, one of the game’s most pivotal characters.

Use The Force – Or Don’t, It’s Your Life

In KOTOR II, Kreia represents an enigmatic, ominous character who bonds with the player character from the opening sequences of the game. Historically, Kreia has only appeared in KOTOR II and hasn’t surfaced anywhere else in the Star Wars universe outside of reference materials, which many see as being a huge shame given her status as an extremely important and powerful character in the game.

That was a notion touched upon by Headland in a recent interview with Omelete:

I’ve always wanted to explore a live-action version of the Knights of the Old Republic game and Kreia’s character. I think it would be a really interesting story to bring to life.

In KOTOR II, Kreia is voiced by Sara Kestelman, and the 80-year-old is still actively performing today, so it could be an easy win for Headland to bring the OG VA on board more than twenty years after she performed the role for Obsidian’s 2004 game.

Kreia’s story is a unique one – as the game unravels, players learn that she’s an unconventional wielder of the Force, turned blind by her insistence to see using the Force rather than relying on ‘normal vision’. She’s a guide or ‘historian’ of sorts, famed for training key characters who ultimately became Sith personalities – which is a nod to how things ultimately end up for this character and her twisting path of revelations through the game.

It wouldn’t be the worst live-action adaptation idea, and now is the best time to make it – more games than ever are making their way onto the small (and big) screen.

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  1. A show all about the most irritating character ever put in a Star Wars game? Hard pass.
    Her only actual philosophy was one of passive aggressive contrarianism and I would actively avoid any further property that included Kreia.

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