Hideo Kojima Denies Death Stranding 2 Stadia Rumor

In a new Brain Structure podcast episode by Hideo Kojima featuring The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, Kojima has denied the rumors surrounding Death Stranding 2 being previously in development for the Google Stadia.

Last month, 9to5google reported that Kojima was working on a Stadia exclusive, which would be a follow-up to Death Stranding.

The podcast episode focused on gaming rumors and fake news, with Keighley starting off the conversation by saying the [Death Stranding 2 Stadia] rumor seemed “off base” and he “didn’t know why the rumor even started spreading”, before asking Kojima what he thought about the rumor when he first saw it.

“I’ve been on good terms with Phil Harrison for a long time, ever since the Metal Gear Days when he was in Europe. The rumor that Death Stranding, moreover a sequel, was in the works to be an exclusive title for Google, is unfounded, and Phil rejecting that is impossible.”, replied Kojima.

Kojima went on to say that he never even talked to Harrison about such a sequel and he wasn’t even sure where the rumor originated.

It was also noted by Kojima that he didn’t discuss the rumor sooner to avoid a “cat and mouse” scenario.

Hideo Kojima is currently in the process of teasing his next title, which has been rumored to be Death Stranding 2.

Ironically, new leaks today have shown images of Kojima’s rumored cloud-based game called Overdose.

Kojima and Keighly also talked about Abandoned, but interestingly did not talk about Overdose in the podcast.