Shioli Kutsuna is Joining Hideo Kojima’s Next Game

Insider Gaming has discovered that Shioli Kutsuna will be joining Hideo Kojima’s next game, which is believed to be Death Stranding 2.

We’ve found an image of Shioli Kutsuna inside the Kojima Productions website here.

The tease comes after it was revealed in October that Elle Fanning will be joining Kojima on his next project. Kutsuna is based known for her role as the mutant Yukio in the 2018 film Deadpool 2.

It’s been heavily hinted that Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2, as well as another game currently called Overdose.

Kojima has already confirmed he’s working on a new game for Xbox, which is unlikely to be Death Stranding 2. Instead, it’s most likely the cloud-based game that is believed to be Overdose.

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