Iso: New VALORANT Agent Revealed in Trailer

iso valorant

Iso is the next VALORANT Agent making his way into the game, and he’s coming all the way from China. As Agent 24, Iso will burst onto the scene of Riot Games’ competitive first-person shooter as a Duelist with some incredible abilities. He’s an enigma – a mysterious assassin with uncanny, death-dealing talents, and his backstory has been unveiled in a three-minute-long trailer.

Read on to learn about Iso’s abilities in VALORANT.

Iso Is the New VALORANT Agent

According to Riot Games, Iso is a stalwart character, immensely strong and powerful and capable of devastating a team with surgical precision. His abilities are fantastic on paper, but how will they translate in the game?

Here’s his story trailer:

But what are Iso’s abilities, exactly?

E – Double Tap

Like Reyna, Iso can harvest ‘orbs’ from fallen – or even damaged – enemies, but these orbs are only generated while his ‘focus timer’ is live. Through these orbs, Iso can earn a shield that absorbs one count of damage – from anything.

Q – Undercut

With this ability, Iso will hurl a bolt of energy that’ll burst through any solid surface – much like Sova’s Ult, but unlike Sova’s Ult, it won’t kill the enemy – it’ll just leave them in a fragile state.

C – Contingency

Contingency allows Iso to generate a wall of ‘prismatic energy’ that can be used to block all incoming bullets for a limited time – while live, it’s indestructible.

X – Kill Contract

Iso’s Ult is one of the most unique abilities we’ve seen. He can trigger a column of world-altering energy that will instantly teleport him – and the first enemy the column touches – to an arena to fight in a 1v1 face-off. Only one Agent can leave the arena alive.

Are you looking forward to unlocking Iso in VALORANT? He’ll have a gameplay trailer revealed by Riot Games tomorrow, October 20th.

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