Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It These Days? – Answered

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
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With so many different monthly subscription plans and passes to consider, you must be wise in choosing which to keep and which to ditch. Is Xbox Game Pass worth it these days? Do you get enough value from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Let’s dive in and find out!

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It?

Whether or not Xbox Game Pass is worthwhile remains subjective. If you pay for a monthly subscription, do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth? If you’re on the fence about paying for a subscription, consider your gaming habits. Do you switch games often? Do you want to play and beat as many video games as possible? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Xbox Game Pass is worth it in 2024.

Despite the trouble surrounding Xbox recently, with the numerous studio closures, their monthly game subscription service still provides value. You’ll find a lot of AAA day-one video game releases occurring monthly, and the backlog of available titles continues to grow and change over time.

Plus, you can play Diablo on Xbox Game Pass nowadays! With their recent Season 4 revamp, it’s phenomenal with a controller!

What Are the Xbox Game Pass Tiers?

There are so many questions surrounding gaming subscription passes, as it appears like every publisher has a brand-new monthly sub coming out. For instance, how much is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Let’s explore the various tiers of Xbox Game Pass:

  • PC
    • Standard: $9.99
    • Ultimate: $16.99
  • Console
    • Core: $9.99
    • Ultimate: $16.99
  • Both
    • Ultimate: $16.99

Overall, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the better deal, especially if you love playing a wide variety of games in a month. Whether you’re a completionist or working through a neverending backlog of games, Ultimate provides you with opportunities. It features hundreds of games and day-one releases, plus you’ll receive additional discounts and perks for being a member.

How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass

There are numerous ways to cancel Xbox Game Pass, including from the app and your console.

To cancel Xbox Game Pass on the console:

  • Press the center Xbox button on your controller, then navigate to Profile & System > Settings.
  • Choose Account > Subscriptions.
  • Select your current subscription, then follow the provided steps to cancel.

To cancel Xbox Game Pass on the mobile app:

  • Select your profile in the bottom-right corner.
  • Choose Settings, and then Manage Account.
  • Click My Subscriptions.
  • Select Xbox Game Pass.
  • Choose Cancel Subscription, and then confirm your cancellation.

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