Is V Rising Cross Platform? – Answered

V Rising Castle
Image via Stunlock Studios

Following its official launch out of Early Access, V Rising is taking the survival gaming world by storm. It’s an exceptional top-down action-RPG with castle-building, boss fights, and countless unique vampiric powers and lands to explore. But people on console deserve this experience, too. So, is V Rising cross platform?

Does V Rising Have Cross Platform Support?

As developer Stunlock Studios only recently announced the game’s coming to PlayStation 5, they’ve unfortunately received little in the way of crossplay or cross-platform support for V Rising.

In fact, it’s likely not a priority whatsoever. Of course, that’s not to say it won’t happen. They’ll likely work behind the scenes to improve the console experience, tweaking balancing and controls to suit a controller and ultimately adding in highly-requested features—for instance, cross-platform support!

What Systems Is V Rising Available On?

Currently, you can only play V Rising on PC. Specifically, it’s available on Steam. However, the studio recently unveiled the PlayStation 5 version in June but didn’t state whether the Xbox Series X|S will receive the game soon.

So, as to the question about V Rising on Xbox, it’s not happening…yet. Unless developer Stunlock Studios signed an exclusivity agreement with PlayStation, the Xbox port will likely happen eventually—perhaps by this Fall. We’ll have to wait and see!

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