Is the Nintendo Switch 2 Backwards Compatible? – Answered

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After spending countless tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on video games over the past few years, specifically for the Nintendo Switch, you want to retain your library. To appeal to the community, it only makes sense for Nintendo to allow backwards compatibility. So, is the Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatible?

Will the Switch 2 Offer Backwards Compatibility?

While little is known about the Nintendo Switch 2, like its release date or internal components, recent leaks indicate the system will offer backwards compatibility.

From a financial standpoint, it doesn’t make sense for Nintendo to offer backwards compatibility. They want you to purchase your favorite titles multiple times, as it increases their bottom line significantly. However, by providing backwards compatibility for the Nintendo Switch 2, they’ll cement a long-standing fan community that eats up their first-party games and systems. It’s an appeasement.

How Will Backwords Compatibility Work on Nintendo Switch 2?

While nothing is set in stone currently, word is that backward compatibility on Nintendo Switch 2 will allow developers to “enhance” their previous titles using the system’s upgraded processing power.

The same rumor revealed that backwards compatibility will work for physical copies and digital games, though it did focus solely on Nintendo Switch titles. So, what about the WiiU and handheld systems like the 3DS? Only time will tell regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatible lineup!

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