When is the Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date? – Answered

Nintendo Switch System
Image via Nintendo

The original Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, and it quickly rose to become a fan favorite thanks to its portability and power relative to its small design. But that’s almost a decade ago, and fans eagerly await the next entry. They want a sleek design, more processing power, and better games overall. With that in mind, when is the Nintendo Switch 2 release date?

When is the Nintendo Switch 2 Coming Out?

Initially, rumors pointed toward the Nintendo Switch 2 launching sometime this year, in 2024, but word is the console is slightly delayed. The approximate release date is now March 2025, a full year away.

Rumor has it that Nintendo opted to push back its console release for several reasons. First and foremost, to ensure a strong stable of launch titles. It should make zero sense to release a brand-new system with a weak lineup. Secondly, Nintendo apparently wants to combat console scalping, a massive problem for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Purchasing one without an enormous upcharge on eBay or Facebook Marketplace was nearly impossible.

How Much Will the Nintendo Switch 2 Cost?

Without official word from Nintendo, it’s only possible to guess at the cost of the Nintendo Switch 2. But if we look back through history, we can note that the Nintendo Switch, on release date, cost $299.99. Then, the Nintendo Switch Lite launches at $199.99. And finally, the Nintendo Switch OLED cost $349.99.

With the advancements made to technology and hardware in recent years, I would speculate that the Nintendo Switch 2 will cost somewhere between $299.99 and $399.99, aiming for approximately the same as the OLED, which is likely to become the norm moving forward.

Again, this is nothing more than a guess. You’ll be the first to know once we have additional information from Nintendo regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 release date and pricing!

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