Is Still Wakes the Deep on Game Pass Day One? – Answered

Still Wakes the Deep Sub
Image via The Chinese Room

This year is looking pretty good for upcoming horror games. We have many indie titles, and then there’s the extraordinarily aesthetic and immersive Still Wakes the Deep from The Chinese Room. It’s a narrative-driven horror game set on a crumbling oil rig in the middle of the ocean, and it’s coming soon. But can you play Still Wakes the Deep on Game Pass on day one?

Can You Play Still Wakes the Deep on Game Pass?

In a recent reveal, which Insider Gaming reported, Xbox confirmed four upcoming Game Pass titles in June. One of those titles is Still Wakes the Deep. The upcoming horror game launches on Xbox Game Pass on June 18, the same day as its official release.

So yes, you can play Still Wakes the Deep on Game Pass on day one. If you’d rather support the developer and purchase a copy, it’s available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

What is Still Wakes the Deep?

Still Wakes the Deep, an upcoming story-rich horror experience, blends terrifying scenery and scares with immersive gameplay set aboard Beria D—a crumbling oil rig off the coast of Scotland.

You see, something’s come up from deep below. It’s an otherworldly horror that, almost immediately, reminds us of Lovecraftian creatures. Will we see Cthulu in Still Wakes the Deep? I certainly hope so. But in the meantime, we’ll have to navigate the collapsing structure and untold horrors from the murky waters around us.

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