Is Resident Evil 5 Getting A Remake?

Capcom has enjoyed an ongoing winning streak with their Resident Evil Remake franchise which has received continuous acclaim from fans and critics. The most recent installment in the series, Resident Evil 4, is in fact considered to be a vast improvement over the original game. The tease at the end of the game features a major antagonist from the series and offers a hint of where the remake timeline could go next. Have the seeds been planted for a Resident Evil 5 remake?

Will Resident Evil 5 Get A Remake?

Capcom hasn’t confirmed a Resident Evil 5 remake as of yet but the ending of Resident Evil 4 directly sets up the events of that game. Las Plagas Amber is a major plot point of Resident Evil 4 and a parasite responsible for turning the villager’s Leon faces into demented killers. Everyone’s favorite antiheroine Ada Wong is up to her old tricks throughout the game’s story and is acting under a mysterious employer who is looking to use Las Plagas Amber for their own means.

Following the final battle with Krauser and Osmund Saddler, the man behind the outbreak, Ada managed to escape with a vial of the parasite and contacts her employer to question his intentions. It’s then revealed that Ada’s boss is none other than Resident Evil’s big bad Albert Wesker, who makes his first appearance in the remake timeline.

Wesker declares that a new dawn is on the horizon that will cost “billions” of lives. The shades-wearing villain is likely referring to the planned outbreak of Kijuju which is backed up by monitors displaying the underground garden from the original game.

Resident Evil 5 is something of an outlier in the series. While it received positive reviews on release, fans largely lay blame for the series’ departure from its survival horror roots at the feet of this game. The original release was also subject to its fair share of controversy with allegations of racism derailing the game’s promotional period. Don’t even get us started on the co-op mechanics. Resident Evil 5 may well be the most challenging of all the previous games to get the remake treatment, if Capcom can turn it around with a modern iteration it would be a crowning achievement for the series.

Are you hoping to see a Resident Evil 5 remake down the line?

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