Is Escape From Tarkov Full of Cheaters? – Answered

Escape From Tarkov Hideout
Image via Battlestate Games

When you have an immensely popular first-person shooter—a genre known to draw cheaters—you’ll find that many of your rounds include a hacker or two. The more popular the game, the more money flowing behind the scenes to facilitate cheating. Unfortunately, Escape From Tarkov cheaters prove to be some of the most prevalent and dug-in bunch. Is the extraction shooter full of cheaters today?

Are Escape From Tarkov Cheaters in Every Lobby?

I wouldn’t say every single lobby in Escape From Tarkov includes cheaters. Is it possible? Yeah, if you listen to the community on Reddit. Does the game have a cheater problem? Absolutely!

There are too many Escape From Tarkov cheaters to count, and despite Battlestate Games reportedly banning tens of thousands of them, it seems like there are more each day. How and why? We’ll dive into that more shortly. For now, however, know that Escape From Tarkov has a problem with hackers plaguing the game.

They use all manner of hacks commonplace in competitive first-person shooters, including wallhacks, aimbots, and speedhacks. But in Tarkov, where loot reigns supreme, you’ll find many with a vacuum-like cheat that sucks up the loot from every container in the map, then deposits it in front of the cheater. They may then pick and choose what they want while utterly untouchable.

How can the average player compete with hackers? You have a few options. You can report them to BSG and hope they take action, try to avoid a known cheater, and consider playing single-player. BSG themselves recently launched the PvE mode, but there’s a fantastic single-player Escape From Tarkov mod, known as SPT, that genuinely instills me with excitement to play once more!

How Do Escape From Tarkov Cheaters Keep Coming Back?

The amount of money flowing from the cheating scene proves rather tremendous on all fronts. You have cheat creators actively seeking workarounds to any anti-cheat software in their favorite games. In this case, EFT. Then, you have the cheaters themselves. They buy the cheats, use them for days or weeks before they receive a game ban, and sell the loot they receive, or even the account, for real money. Using that money, they turn around and buy another key for EFT on the cheap from a gray market website or directly from BSG during a sale and continue the process.

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