Is Escape From Tarkov Free to Play?

is escape from tarkov free

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most exhilarating games on the market, boasting intense PvPvE action in one of the most hardcore, challenging settings around. It’s a massive game, too – there are several large maps, a thriving in-game economy, and dozens of tasks to complete. With that in mind, we’re looking at the game’s value and answering an all-important question: is Escape From Tarkov free to play?

Is Escape From Tarkov Free or Will It Break The Bank?

There are few games quite as challenging as Escape From Tarkov that have left such a lasting impression on the gaming community. It was first released as a beta product in 2017, and today, it remains in such a state – but it has been expanded on several times since the first build dropped way back when.

It has its fair share of problems, such as a seemingly constant presence of cheaters in the game, but Escape From Tarkov is, for the most part, an undeniably popular and exciting game.

Unfortunately, for those asking ‘is Escape From Tarkov free to play’, the answer is no, it isn’t – there can actually be quite a hefty cost associated with the game.

When a potential player seeks out Escape From Tarkov for the first time, they’d likely be surprised to learn that it can only be bought from It’s not on Steam, Epic, or any other PC-based launcher. Furthermore, for first-time players, it can be a confusing journey, as there are several packages to choose from that can become very expensive, very quickly.

And there are arguments that this is a pay-to-win tiering system that rewards players who invest more money in their game.

What Are The Escape From Tarkov Pre-Order Bundles?

Edge of Darkness is the most expensive bundle by far

Firstly, it’s important to stress that you’re not ‘buying’ Escape From Tarkov, but ‘pre-ordering’ it. That’s what the website tells you when you first begin your purchase journey, but ignore the strange terminology, as you’re getting instant access to the full game regardless of which bundle you purchase.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the bundles you can pick up in order to own Escape From Tarkov:

Standard Edition

  • The most basic edition possible, which unfortunately restricts a player considerably
  • Typically costs €34.99

Left Behind Edition

  • The second-tier bundle for Escape From Tarkov, which still isn’t a preferable purchase
  • Typically costs €57.99

Prepare For Escape Edition

  • The second-from-best bundle in Escape From Tarkov, which is considered the bare minimum needed to fully appreciate the game from the get-go
  • Typically costs €79.99

Edge Of Darkness Edition

  • Argued to be a pay-to-win purchase, the Edge of Darkness edition comes with boosts for in-game traders, heaps of equipment, a massive in-game stash, and free access to all future content, such as the Tarkov Arena
  • Typically costs €109.99

It’s worth stating that, if you’re getting involved with Escape From Tarkov as a group, one person should buy all the copies, as there’s a discount that will be applied for multiple purchases of the game taking place in the same transaction.

So, is Escape From Tarkov free? No – it’s quite expensive, and that’s why you should do your research before you get invested in the game.

Escape From Tarkov is a PC-exclusive game that was first released in 2017 and currently exists in a beta state.