Is Dead Island 2 Coming to Game Pass?

Could Dead Island 2 join the ranks of Xbox Game Pass? The game is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles of the year and is almost a decade in the making. Much like the original game, players will have to fight to survive against legions of the undead in the desolate remains of Los Angeles. A roster of six slayers is available to battle the hordes in a campaign that players can tackle either alone or in teams.

The game is set to have a massive launch on April 21 but if you’re playing on Xbox you may be wondering if Microsoft has managed to secure Dead Island 2 for Game Pass.

Will Dead Island 2 Be on Game Pass?

There are no plans for Dead Island 2 to be on the service at launch, if you’re playing on Xbox then you’ll have to buy the game from the Microsoft Store. This isn’t too much of a shocker given that anticipation for Dead Island 2 is through the roof and the game is set to be a major seller at launch.

While putting Dead Island 2 would certainly help spread word of mouth and get more eyes on the game, it would ultimately be bad for business. As for Microsoft, it seems that they’re prioritizing the ‘Day One’ spots for their major exclusive titles like Redfall and Starfield.

Of course, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Dead Island 2 will be added to the streaming service eventually. In fact, the seeds for the game’s addition to the streaming service’s expansive library may well have been planted already. Dead Island 2 on Xbox platforms requires players to have a Game Pass account in order to access the game’s online features. With that in mind, it seems more likely that Dead Island 2 could well join the Game Pass library in the future.

Are you hoping to see Dead Island 2 on streaming platforms in the future?

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