Insomniac Games Are Developing a New Multiplayer Game

In an interview that was recorded in September 2022, Insomniac Games Project Director Erin Eberhardt confirmed that the developer is working on a third game. The game, which is not Spider-Man 2 or Wolverine will be a multiplayer title.

The interview resurfaced recently thanks to Twitter user @Dream_WaIker, which has been shared across the internet.

Insomniac Games first advertised roles for a multiplayer project in 2021, with Eberhardt coming on board at Insomniac last year. “This is actually my first triple-A game project now, I’m the project director here on an unannounced project,” it was said.

Insomniac Games has best been known for its slew of single-player titles these past few years, including the releases of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Multiplayer games are not new to Insomniac though, with the studio developing highly successful games including Sunset Overdrive and the Resistance series in the past.

There are yet to be any official hints or news on what the new AAA multiplayer project could be, but with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 scheduled to release later this year and Wolverine targeting a 2024 release, we could be waiting a while for information.

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