Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Gets a New Trailer

During the Xbox Game’s Showcase today, Bethesda had a slew of announcements and reveals for their games. One of the most anticipated titles of the lot was their collaboration project with LucasFilm Games, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. At the showcase, the developers finally provided us with a new trailer and look at some gameplay.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is a first-person, single-player adventure which is set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. It is a narrative-focused game, where players will get to enjoy some exploration, cinematic action and mind-boggling puzzles. Of course, as this is an Indiana Jones game, there are several mysteries to unearth and a bunch of sinister forces to take down. The game will also have you interacting with new and interesting characters as well as face off with familiar enemies. 

In terms of combat gameplay, the developers revealed that in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, players will be able to use the trademark whip to distract, disarm and attack enemies. The whip will also serve as a tool for traversal as it can you can use it to swing around places too. 

Additionally, Insider Gaming recently learned that the preview for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be shown a day after the Xbox Game Showcase, which is June 10. The title along with Avowed will be playable during Summer Game Fest for select content creators as well as media outlets.

If today’s trailer has you restless to play the game, then here are 5 games like Indiana Jones that you can try out in the meantime. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is releasing for Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam. 

Will you be preordering Indiana Jones and the Great Circle after seeing the new trailer? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. This still looks extremely rough they should just have Machine remake/make new Riddick games. This was not the game for them.

    1. Would rather see Riddick games come back over this and if they wanted an Uncharted like they should just revive Crimson Skies the Drake character was a ripoff of that games lead in first name. Maybe have Crystal Dynamics or Saber Interactive make it.

  2. What else is Machine Games making and how far away is Wolfenstein 3 which has long since been rumored?

  3. I felt the trailer was overall poor. For the most part we just had an overly long cutscene that I couldn’t be invested in because I hadn’t played any of the story so not much context. Plus the cutscene did feel overly long which has me worried on how cinematic focused the game will be. When it came to the small gameplay snippets at the end, something felt off with the hand to hand combat. Maybe it wasn’t finished yet but it just looked clunky.

    1. Agreed it took too long as well so maybe they wanted to show something. Machine might want to worry now with Phil going on his shutdown tirade.

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