Sea of Thieves Season 13 Launches July 25

Rare unveiled the season 13 trailer for Sea of Thieves at the Xbox Games Showcase today, launching July 25.

The open-world pirate adventure received a new trailer at Xbox Game Showcase, teasing season 13’s content for the game. Sea of Thieves season 13 will see the arrival of Flameheart’s powerful flagship, which players will be able to seize. Acquiring the flagship will make the player the boxing fight of an all-type world event, which will arrive with season 13. Players can rain fire on enemies, take aid from a skeleton crew against rival crews, and win rewards for all their efforts. The new update will be arriving on July 25, 2024. 

Sea of Thieves is a game in which players explore a vast open world filled with islands, sunken ships, and mysterious artifacts. Like every pirate, players must find treasure, with Skeleton Captains standing in their way. The game also features an narrative-focused campaign, where players can experience 11 tales across two storylines, featuring a cinematic pirate fantasy. 

The game receives new monthly content, including characters, mechanics, and other rewards. At the moment, Season 12 is in the game,and it introduces new weapons and tools along with traversal modes. Double-barrel pistols and throwing knives were introduced to the game in this season of Sea of Thieves. We also saw the addition of the Scattershot Bone Collar and the Horn of Fair Winds as traversal tools. 

Moreover, if players are interested in joining the Insider Program for Sea of Thieves, they can do so from here and help the developers test new features and mechanics. Sea of Thieves is available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. 

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