Immortality PlayStation 5 Release Date Announced

Immortality FMV Actress

Immortality, the interactive movie trilogy from Half Mermaid and Sam Barlow, will finally release on the PlayStation 5 on January 23rd.

The game’s official Twitter account just announced the release date in a new post today, alongside a brief trailer.

Immortality originally launched in 2022, and quickly became something of a cult classic. The game is already available on PC, Xbox, and even mobile devices via Netflix.

FMV can be a fairly niche genre, but Immortality made a big impression. Half Mermaid, who worked on Telling Lies, teamed up with Sam Barlow again for Immortality.

Sam Barlow is best known for Her Story, which was an equally experimental FMV puzzle from 2015. Players needed to scour countless interview clips to discover the truth.

Immortality features a trilogy of interactive movies with “Marissa Marcel”, each set in a different decade. Players must solve puzzles and choose their own adventure.

Immortality’s compelling mystery is a highlight, so hopefully PlayStation fans have avoided narrative spoilers thus far.

However, it has also been a while, and the game is certainly dense enough to revisit for longtime fans who already own a copy.

The developers did not confirm a price range for the PlayStation 5 port of Immortality. However, the game is still going for $19.99 USD on Steam, which might give players a better idea of what to expect.

It is surprising that Immortality took so long to be ported to the PS5, which has sold 50 million consoles since 2020.

But it should certainly benefit from the console’s technical features. Hopefully, the developers will mention integrated haptic features sometime soon. After all, immersion does play a large role in Immortality.

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