Imagine Dragons Has Released a Starfield Song

imagine dragons

It wasn’t the collaboration that we saw coming, but it’s the one we’re getting – Imagine Dragons has dropped a new track, and it’s all about Starfield, baby. Little more than an hour ago, Children of the Sky was published worldwide, with the musical folks of Imagine Dragons stressing that they’ve ‘been playing Bethesda Studios games for most of their lives,’ so the collaboration was just natural.

Admittedly, it’s a banger of a track, and as it’s a direct collaboration between Bethesda, Inon Zur (assumedly), and Imagine Dragons, it’s infused with parts of the Starfield soundtrack.

Imagine That

For those who are all too eager to listen to the new Starfield song released by Imagine Dragons, here’s a handy link that’ll take you to a selection of playback platforms, ranging from YouTube Music to Spotify.

It’s a pretty decent track, boasting heartwrenching vocals, impressive swells, cinematic backing tracks playing out in parallel with an ethereal choir, and yes, snippets of the Starfield theme interwoven into the composition.

Were you a fan of Imagine Dragons before this collaboration? And if not… How about now?

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