Starfield Steam Preloads Are Live Now

starfield preload

If you’re eager to jump into Starfield as soon as possible – particularly if you’ve secured early access with the game’s Premium Edition – then you’ll want to kick off that pre-installation now. Hours ago, it became possible to preload Starfield on Steam, to the tune of 116 GB.

Warning: As we’ve highlighted before, it’s mandatory to have an SSD to run Starfield on PC – regardless of how mighty your rig might be. It’s the baseline for games these days, it seems, and for those trying to install and run Starfield on an old-school HDD, it’s expected that if you even get it working at all, you’ll face extensive performance issues.

It’s Time to Take Off

If you’ve pre-ordered a Premium or Constellation Edition of Starfield, that means you can get access to the game as early as August 31st, depending on where you are. For the majority of the world, Starfield will be made available on September 1st, and then the global launch will take place on September 6th.

It’s a remarkable time to be an Xbox or a PC gamer, as there are expectations that Starfield could be regarded as one of the greatest games of all time.

Right now, you can boot the Steam launcher and preload Starfield – and if you’ve got a drastically slow internet connection, we recommend getting started. It’s only a matter of time before people start downloading it en masse, inevitably slowing down the servers for everyone involved.

How excited are you about Starfield?

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