Hyenas Gets Alpha Test And A New Map

Hyenas Alpha Test

Creative Assembly’s upcoming first-person shooter Hyenas is getting an alpha test and a new map to experience during it.

The alpha test is for PC players only and runs from Noon EST on January 20 through 4 am EST on January 23. Those interested in registering for it can do so via the game’s website.

Within the alpha test, players will be able to experience a brand new map dubbed ‘We Took Manhattan’. According to Creative Assembly, the map is a “celebration of all things New York”.

“‘We Took Manhattan’ offers more compact Plundership combat than the previous Alpha map ‘Greed is Good’, keeping experienced Hyenas crews on their toes as they zip across the ship in search of Merch and rival teams,” the company says. “The big centerpiece of the map is none other than the iconic Statue of Liberty. Found in its new HYENAS home of Liberty Hall, a cavernous area that also serves as the main thoroughfare for the Plundership, it’s a stunning backdrop that offers tactical cover and strategic opportunities for crews fighting around the famous landmark.”

In addition to the upcoming event, Creative Assembly confirmed three more Hyenas alpha tests are coming over the next three months. The next one after January’s will run from February 17-20 followed by one from March 10-13. A final alpha test will happen from March 31-April 3.

Though the alpha tests are for PC players only, the game will be available for both current and last-gen consoles when it fully launches sometime in 2023.

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