How to Solve Sonapan Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom are essential to solve if you want to buff up Link’s stats. It takes four Light of Blessings to get one extra heart or stamina chunk, so you’ll need to do as many as you can stumble across to help Link feel like his former self again. To solve Sonapan Shrine, you’ll need to use the Ascend ability quite a bit. Read on to see our solution.

First Step to Solve

As soon as you step in, you learn the shrine is called Missing Pathways. This gives a pretty big hint on how to proceed, since there’s no direct route to the finish line. Ahead, there’s an overhang. Use the Ascend power to get up to the first section and properly begin the shrine. There are two cubes on either side of the middle area and the closed gate. The left is rooted to a track that moves left and right, while the right is free moving. There’s a chest on the left as well.

Link solving the first part of Sonapan Shrine by placing the cube
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

To solve this first part, take the cube from the right with Ultrahand. Put it on top of the middle platform on the far left corner. Then, return to the cube on the left. Move it just under the treasure chest in the small wall alcove. Return to the center platform, stand just under the cube you set towards the left corner, and then use Ascend. Once you’re at the top of the cube, hop off and around the corner towards the chest and use your glider. Open this up to get five arrows, and then proceed to the final part of the shrine.

Final Step to Solve

Link using Ascend to complete Sonapan Shrine
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

The next room has a lot of water in the center as well as an overhang platform high above. It’s too high up to get to using Ascend directly. Luckily, there’s another cube on the left of another platform, tucked into the corner. Move it just under the higher central platform, setting it in the water. Then, make your way back to the spot where you took the cube from. Use Ascend here to get to the top of the left platform. Jump off, use glide, and land on top of the cube you placed. This will give you enough height to Ascend upwards towards your reward. This is how you solve Sonapan Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom and obtain the Light of Blessing.

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