How to Solve Oromuwak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Shrines are back in Tears of the Kingdom, and some involve puzzles. Plenty of them involving using the new powers given to Link in this game as well, and this shrine is no exception. To solve Oromuwak Shrine, Link will be using a lot of Ultrahand. It’s fitting, of course, since this shrine’s title is A Launching Device. You’ll find it in the Tabantha region, just North of Kolami Bridge.

The First Step to Solve Oromuwak Shrine

screenshot of Link in Oromuwak shrine prepping a rocket
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

Rockets are the primary tool used to solve Oromuwak Shrine, and they’ve gotta be attached to nearly everything to progress. There are two rockets on the right side as soon as Link enters the shrine. Use Ultrahand to grab one, and then set it the central groove of the ramp on the left. There’s a giant circular target across the wall that must be hit. Slap the rocket with whatever weapon you have, and watch it activate the target, opening the first door.

The Second Step

In this second room, there’s a track that curves up to an even higher platform. There’s also a minecart, though there aren’t any rockets. Backtracking is allowed though, so walk back, grab them with Ultrahand, and attach them to the front of the minecart. Make sure they’re pointing forward, so they’ll shoot you up the ramp and not backwards. Climb in, then hit the rockets with your weapon.

In the right corner of the upper area is a chest up on a high, grated platform. Take two of the three rockets on the left of the ramp. Attach them to one of the spare carts on the left and right side. Jump in, hit the rockets, fly up, and then jump out and use your glider. Your reward will be a ruby.

The Final Step

Link using a rocket cart to fly to the end of Oromuwak Shrine
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

You may have figured out what to do by now. Spoilers: it involves rockets. Take one of the carts and carry it to the ramp. Make sure to set it so its mostly upright and not too tilted. Take the rockets on the same ramp and attach them to the left and right of the minecart. I put a third on the front as well just to see how far I would go, but two is sufficient to get across. Jump in the cart, hit the rockets, and drift over to the end of the shrine. That’s how you solve Oromuwak shrine and score yet another Light of Blessing.

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