How to Complete Courage Island in Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll spend a decent amount of time up in the sky. There are various sky islands around, and Link will need to scale towers to complete the map as well. Scaling Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower will help fill out that early-game map. At the peak of Link’s jump, he’ll see a series of rings in a dilapidated state, as well as a mostly intact platform. When the game allows him to dive and glide, head over to that platform to the Southwest. This is Courage Island (coordinates -2354, 0806, 0609), and brings us to an interesting test of skill and a piece of equipment.

How to Complete Courage Island

Link glides towards Courage Island in Tears of the Kingdom
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Approach the ring near the middle of the platform. A green hand will appear in the center, and you should press A to examine it. After a camera pan to the far end of the island, another ring will appear, this one bigger. Walk to the end of the platform and then dive down, passing through all the rings present. For this first trip down, you shouldn’t need to use your glider at all, but feel free to take it out and correct your path if you need to. There’s a lake at the bottom to catch Link’s fall once he finishes, and there will be a Steward Construct at the bottom that tells him further information.

The ring game is known as a dive ceremony, and Link will need to finish it to complete courage island. This will cost one Zonai charge to begin, and will come with a time limit- he’ll need to pass through all 6 rings in 35 seconds or less. If you miss a single ring, that’s considered a failure. Now is when you may want to use the glider to adjust angle, and be sure to press that RB to dive faster so you don’t run out of time! I dove and only adjust my angle with the glider three times for the first descent.

After Completing the Ceremony

Once you pass the ceremony, the Steward Construct will give you a Glide Shirt. This chest piece gives 2 armour, and also offers a mobility up for skydiving. The next record is 20 seconds, and you can attempt this as many times as you’d like. Be sure to sprint immediately off of the platform, and then dive as much as you can. You’ve got enough time for two glide adjustments if you time it right, but you can pass through the very edge of the ring and have it still count. For my fastest record, I only adjusted my trajectory with my glider once. If you can beat it, he’ll give you a Large Zonai Charge for your efforts, and for every time you beat the record thereafter.

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