How to Solve Kiuyoyou Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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To the Northwest of Lookout Landing and Northeast of New Serenne Stable, players can find Kiuyoyou Shrine. Shrines are good for not only obtaining Light of Blessings, but also for fast travel spots. They’re far enough apart from each other that you can use them to travel efficiently across the world massive map region present in Tears of the Kingdom. Read on to see our guide on how to solve the Kiuyoyou Shrine.

How to Solve Kiuyoyou Shrine

The hint title for this shrine is “Fire and Ice”. If you guessed there would be both elements at play here in this shrine, then you guessed correctly. Immediately upon entering, there are torrents of fire on the right, a closed door ahead, and an ice cube off to the left. Another closed door lies just beyond the ice, and the switch in front of the door needs to be pressed down to open it. Use Ultrahand to pick up the ice cube on the floor. It’s too big as-is, so take it to the fire to make it smaller. It melts quickly, so be careful! If it melts down to nothing, another will generate from the chute on the ceiling and you can try again.

Screenshot of Link using Ultrahand to solve Kiuyoyou shrine by melting an ice cube smaller
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

Once the door is open, head into the next area. You can’t reach the chest to the left yet, so jump off of the ramp and ride the air to the other side of the chasm instead. There’s more fire here, and an ice cube falling down and melting into it. If you try to use Ultrahand to grab it before it hits the fire, chances are you won’t be fast enough. Instead, take the stone slab on the right and use it to block the fire, then take the cube. To get it across, place the cube in a safe location first, then attach the stone slab to the top. Set both on the spikes and watch it slide down. Simply place the ice cube in front of the chest alcove and climb it, then move it again to grab your treasure.

Screenshot of Link staring at an ice cube with a stone slab on top, blocking gouts of fire and pressing the final switch to solve Kiuyoyou shrine
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The final switch is hidden, sort of. To reveal it, take the ice cube with the stone slab atop it, and then bring it over to the first fire spitter. The giant ice cube will be enough to press in the massive switch, opening the final door. This is how to solve the Kiuyoyou Shrine and secure yet another Light of Blessing for Link.

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