How to Open a Locked Drawer in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Unlocking things is part and parcel of any Resident Evil experience, and the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake is no exception. There are numerous doors and gates to unlock, and several different ways to unlock them. There are also containers like chests, cupboards, and closets to unlock so as to get at the loot and quest items inside. More specifically, there are exactly eight locked drawers in RE4, and when you find your first one or two of them, you’ll have no way to open them. For example, there’s the Village Square locked drawer that you might find very early on, but you won’t find a key for it until quite a while later. So, what do you need in order to open an RE4 remake locked drawer?

What Key Unlocks RE4 Remake Locked Drawers?

There are eight locked drawers in and around the Village and the Castle in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and also eight Small Keys that will unlock them. While any Small Key will unlock any drawer, each Small Key can only be used once. So, if you want to open all eight locked drawers, you need to find all eight Small Keys. You’ll also need to unlock all of them before you travel to the Island, as there’s no turning back once you pass that point.

Your first opportunity to get a Small Key will be during Chapter 2 when you go to the Valley in search of the hexagon key. The Small Key is in a little case on a shelf in the building under the Hexagonal Emblem. From this point in the RE4 story, you can’t go directly back to the Village Square locked drawer, but you can go back to the Abandoned Factory, which also has a locked drawer. This drawer contains the Elegant Mask treasure, which is worth 5,000 ptas (more if you inlay it with gemstones), and can be sold to the Merchant at his nearby shop.