How to Join the Trackers Alliance in Starfield

Starfield Hunter No. 1
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As part of the major announcement for Starfield at the Xbox Games Showcase, not only did we get a glimpse at the upcoming expansion, Shattered Space, but Bethesda shadow-dropped a significant content update. In it, we received an expansion to the bounty hunters’ Trackers Alliance in Starfield, along with Creation Club and Creation Kit! For now, let’s focus on the former. Here’s how to join the Trackers Alliance!

How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield

One of my most-requested features in Starfield—not that anyone at Bethesda listens to me—was an expansion to the bounty-hunting system in-game. I wanted more from the Trackers Alliance, including better pay, additional quests, and a more fleshed-out faction. Well, that’s precisely what we’ve received completely free—well, mostly free—in the June 9 content update for Starfield!

When you start a new game, or the next time you play on an old character, upon landing in a major city like New Atlantis, a Mysterious Tracker will run up to you and engage you in dialogue. They gush about your exploits, claiming the faction has been watching your progress and they’d like to invite you to join the group.

Should you accept, she’ll point you toward their newly-founded Trackers Alliance HQ in Akila City, where you’ll start the new quests—The Starjacker and The Vulture (paid Creation Club content)—alongside learning more about the new faction mechanics, like the improved Trackers Alliance Board, located within the HQ, and better-paying gigs!

Where to Find the Trackers Alliance in Starfield

Starfield Trackers Alliance HQ
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After speaking with the Mysterious Tracker, she’ll point you toward the Trackers Alliance HQ in Akila City. If it’s your first time in the city during this playthrough, you’ll have to skirt the ongoing bank hostage situation in the town center to reach the HQ. It’s just up the stairs to the right-hand side when you’re facing The Rock, near the mayor’s estate.

I’d say you can’t miss the building, but their logo adorns a single wall on the front of the exterior, and it’s not the most significant sign ever.

Once inside, speak to No. 1 to kickstart your bounty-hunting adventure!

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