How to Hide Games From Friends on Steam

We all know you’re looking at the occasional steamy release on Steam. There’s no shame in enjoying a game you can’t play at work occasionally, but sometimes you don’t want your entire friends list to know what you bought or are playing late at night. Here’s how to hide games from friends on Steam!

How to Hide Steam Games From Friends During Purchase

You can now mark a game as private on Steam directly from the shopping cart before you finalize a purchase. Once you add a game to your cart, look for the box that, by default, says “For my account” just below the game’s title beside the image. Select this box, then scroll down and select “For my account: private.”

You may now finish buying the game by selecting “Continue to payment” on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you finish paying, whatever game you purchased will be private and hidden from everyone. It won’t appear in your recently played history, in your public library, or as a notification on the activity screen.

How to Mark Games as Private on Steam

Alternatively, if you have games already in your Steam Library that you’d like to hide from the world, you can right-click the game and select “Manage.” from here, hit “Mark as Private.” It will do the same as during checkout by completely hiding the title from your activity feeds and library.

You’re the only one who can see the spicy selection of titles slowly building up in your Steam Library!

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