How to Gather Iron in Minecraft Legends

When you first start playing Minecraft Legends, you only have the two most basic resources available: wood and stone. There’s a lot of both of these scattered all over the game world. So, it’s easy to build a lot of the first two golem types: Cobblestone Golems and Plank Golems. But before long, Knowledge will introduce two new types of golem: the Grindstone Golem and the Mossy Golem. To spawn these two new golems you’ll need iron, and the game sort of half tells you how to get it. It’s a little bit of a confusing process at first, so here’s a step-by-step guide to gathering iron ore in Minecraft Legends.

Where to Get Iron Ore in Minecraft Legends

In order to get iron in Minecraft Legends, the first thing you need to do is build a Gather Iron improvement at the Well of Fate. The game talks you through how to do this, but it’s still confusing because the structure is called “Gather Iron”, which makes it sound like you’re gathering iron just by building it. But you’re not. Building the Gather Iron improvement does award you a small amount of iron, but the main reason for building it is that doing so allows you to gather iron elsewhere on the map. It teaches you the song that you need to play in order to command your allays to gather iron. Something like that, anyway.

What the game doesn’t do is tell you where to find more iron, or how to actually gather it. In regular Minecraft, you usually find iron by digging deep into the ground, but you can’t do that in Minecraft Legends, so how do you mine iron ore? The answer is that iron, as well as other resources, can be found on the surface of the game world. Veins or iron ore aren’t as common as forests or stone outcrops, but they’re fairly easy to find. Just explore the world and keep your eyes on the ground. You’re looking for a grey streak with no grass on it. If some of the grey blocks have black specks on them, then this is a coal vein. But if they have shiny brown specks, then you’ve found an iron vein.

To gather iron from an iron vein in Minecraft Legends, tap up on the D-pad, then press R1/RB until “Gather iron” is highlighted. Approach the iron vein and hold L2/LT, then move the highlighted area over the iron vein and press R2/RT. Your allays will start gathering iron here and won’t stop until they’ve got it all. They’ll keep going even if you wander off, so you don’t need to wait for them to finish.