How to Despawn Mobs in Minecraft Legends

The key to success in Minecraft Legends is building an army with the right balance of different troops. Different golems have different strengths and weaknesses, and different quests are better suited to some golems than others. Usually you’ll want a mix of two or more golem types, and much of the strategy is in recruiting just the right number of each type of golem. If you realise you don’t have enough golems of a certain type, then the solution is simple – just spawn more of them. But what if you realise you have too many of a certain type of golem? How do you despawn those mobs to make more room in your army for the mobs you want? Unfortunately, while most strategy games give you a delete, or remove, or disband option for your units, Minecraft Legends does not. However, there is a way to “despawn” mobs in Minecraft Legends. It’s just that it’s a little… cruel.

How to Remove Golems in Minecraft Legends

Some players are reporting that mobs will sometimes despawn when you fast travel in Minecraft Legends, but we haven’t been able to get this to work even once. It’s also true that all of your mobs will sometimes despawn at the end of a quest, but that doesn’t really help much because you want to despawn them during a quest. Currently, only way we’ve found to reliably “despawn” mobs in Minecraft Legends is to kill them, and the best way to do that is to drop them in lava.

You can’t just order your mobs to run into lava, though – they’re not that stupid. To “despawn” your mobs, you’ll first have to build a ramp or bridge over some lava.

Then, order the mobs you want to “despawn” onto the middle of the ramp, directly over the lava.

Then, move to one end of the ramp and hold Triangle/Y to remove the ramp.

Finally, watch your poor mobs slowly burn. They are now despawned, and you are now a bad person. But with no “disband” option available, what else were you supposed to do?