How to Fix the Fallout 4 Stuck on Mirror Bug

Fallout 4 Character Creation
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Here’s a strange one for you! Have you ever booted up Fallout 4 to start a new game and discover you’re stuck on the character creation screen? It’s a relatively new bug, unfortunately, but one plaguing many players’ games. Here is how to fix the burdensome stuck on mirror bug in Fallout 4!

How to Fix the Stuck on Mirror Bug in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Stuck On Mirror Bug
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Can you believe that Fallout 4 came out nearly ten years ago? The most recent single-player entry in the Fallout franchise launched in 2015, and despite all this time, new bugs continue to pop up occasionally. The most recent is the stuck on mirror bug in Fallout 4, which is causing a few headaches to those who wish to start a fresh save file. Here are a few potential fixes:

  • Close out of Fallout 4 and restart the game. You can skip the intro cutscene to return straight to the character creator in no time flat!
  • Pause the game, wait a moment, and then unpause the game and wait a moment longer. You may need to pause and unpause a few times for it to jumpstart the game, but it can help trigger the dialogue lines necessary to continue.
  • Close out of Fallout 4, then verify the game’s files through the Steam Library.
    • Find Fallout 4 in your Steam Library, then right-click and select “Properties.”
    • Choose “Installed Files.”
    • Then select “Verify the integrity of game files.” Wait for the command to run through all of the game’s files, redownloading any necessary missing pieces, and then relaunch the game.

What Causes the Stuck On Mirror Bug in Fallout?

While annoying, this bug appears to be a minor hiccup overall. It’s likely caused by a missing or corrupt game file or because the game is attempting to load too much in the background, and your system isn’t keeping up properly. Now, that’s not to say it’s your fault. It’s likely not.

Keep in mind that Fallout 4 is nearly one decade old, with very few recent updates, if any, and still endures many bugs, glitches, crashes to desktops, and so many other errors.

Here’s hoping the upcoming next-gen update fixes any problems you have!

The stuck-on-mirror bug is only one of the bugs plaguing the game currently. Have you dealt with the crash on startup while playing on PS5? Insider Gaming has a potential fix for that one, too!