How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Kalm Vista
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If you’re the type of player who thoroughly enjoys exploring a massive open world, then more power to you. I’m right there with you. But sometimes, following a side quest on the opposite side of the Grasslands, a fast travel mechanic comes in handy. Here is how to fast travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

How to Fast Travel in FF7R

To fast travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you must first unlock the ability by acquiring your first Chocobo at Bill’s Chocobo Ranch in the Grasslands, then opening up the ability to tackle side jobs. Your first side quest, since you’re in the area, is likely for Chloe, who wishes to craft a flower wreath like her mother used to make, but the flowers themselves can only be found on the opposite side of the zone. It’s quite the trek.

Once you unlock the ability to fast travel, open your map using the touchpad on the controller, then navigate to one of the white location icons. It will look like a map pinpoint with a black background, and you can find one at most key spots on the map, including Kalm and Bill’s Chocobo Ranch. Just select one, then hit ‘X’ on the controller to fast travel.

Furthermore, you can unlock additional fast travel points around the zone by activating the Chocobo Stops. You’ll locate these by following the baby Chocobo you find alongside the various roadways in the zone.

Should You Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

As this is a single-player RPG with a strong focus on exploration and side content, I do recommend skipping the fast travel option whenever possible. That said, I fully understand the need to occasionally use the mechanic, like after picking flowers for Chloe. The Ranch is on the opposite side of the zone, so it’s a long trek.

But hey, whether or not you use fast travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is completely up to you! It’s your game, so have fun your way and don’t let anyone tell you how to enjoy yourself. If you want to skip exploration altogether and focus on the main story, then by all means, have fun!

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