How to Complete Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone

how to complete vondel champion's quest
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With the introduction of Call of Duty’s Season Five update, an all-new variant of Warzone’s Champion’s Quest will be included. It’s a challenging event that’s typically reserved for the best players in the game, and it yields some exclusive rewards, including never-before-seen weapon blueprints and immense injections of sought-after XP.

While players have spent plenty of time grinding for the Champion’s Quest in Al Mazrah, Vondel Champion’s Quest has undergone some changes to the formula that we’ve come to know and love (or absolutely hate). It’s the same event in theory, but there are some amendments coming to the structure of it in Season Five.

This is how to complete the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone in Season Five.

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What Is The Champion’s Quest in Warzone?

For the most talented players, the Champion’s Quest is the ultimate, aspirational target. Players need to unlock a series of ‘tokens’ by winning five matches back to back in Warzone, which is an immense task in itself. Once they’ve done that, they unlock the opportunity to conquer the Champion’s Quest.

But what is the Champion’s Quest?

It’s a hyper-challenging event that’ll see players – either alone or in a squad – secure three elements, travel to a bomb site and deposit them into a ‘nuclear canister’, and then secure that location until the bomb detonates, ending the game and awarding them an instant win – after already winning five matches in a single spree.

Each held element has a different impact on the player or the players attempting to complete the Champion’s Quest.

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How to Complete Vondel Champion’s Quest

So, in the upcoming release of the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Season Five of Warzone, it’s the exact same formula – with some mild changes having been applied.

There will still be the requirement to win five matches, still a contract to collect, there are still three elements to secure, and there is still a bomb that needs to be found, armed, and secured. Here’s where the changes begin – it’s the elements themselves:

  • Gallium – When you pick up the Gallium element, you’ll be revealed – and all nearby team members who previously held it will also be revealed. But not just on the map – as though you were hit with a Snapshot Grenade.
  • Deuterium – Those running with Deuterium will find that they’re almost permanently fatigued, and if they sprint, they’ll start coughing loudly, giving their position away.
  • Neptunium – This is probably the most annoying element, as it’ll shock all nearby Operators and send vehicles into a frenzy, much like a Shock Stick – and there’s no knowing when it’ll do it.

On August 2nd, the Vondel Champion’s Quest will be made available to all challengers. If you’re enjoying the smaller-form map of Vondel than the bigger, broader environment of Al Mazrah, it’s the perfect way for you to get involved, give the challenge a shot, and see how much success you have with it.

That’s how to complete Vondel Champion’s Quest – you’re welcome!

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