How to Catch Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld

palworld zoe from trailer
palworld zoe from trailer

Palworld has become a massive success on Steam. Despite still being in early access, the game has already sold 6 million copies. Of course, despite popularity, the game isn’t without a few bugs and exploits here and there. 

One player, using the Reddit name windowhihi, posted a video of themselves catching an early game boss. That’s right, you can catch Zoe and Grizzbolt.

The video details the steps as follows: 

1: Find a merchant or another NPC within the world and attack them until you become Wanted. 

2: Run to the Rayne Tower boss where Zoe and Grizzbolt are located. Make sure the Palpagos Island Defense Force is following you. 

3: Enter the boss fight. 

4: Do not attack the boss. 

5: Wait until the Palpagos Island Defense Force enteres the tower with you. 

6: Allow them to attack the boss, then, once she freezes, throw a palsphere at her. 

7: Catch Zoe and Grizzbolt.

To make things easy, I started at Grassy Behemoth Hills. Then, I attacked the Skilled Islander there, just like in the video. I had to use my spear because my bow would kill him in one hit. From there, I made sure to hit every PIDF guy that came my way to build up more wanted score. It was 3 by the time I went into the tower. 

The hardest part is trying to kite the boss around so that the PIDF guy hits her and not you. This will be essential to do in order to glitch the boss. Once she stops attacking and walks off, things  have been triggered correctly.

When I tried to throw a palsphere at them from the front, it kept deflecting. After I repositioned myself to be at their back, however, catching Zoe and Grizzbolt was easy. Be careful though, you’ll have to fight whatever remaining PIDF there are once you catch the boss. Either you win, or you die and reclaim your items.

Why do this, you may ask? Well, if you catch the boss, you’ll wind up with a level 10 pal with 30550 HP, perfect for tanking. While this is surely a glitch that may get patched out in the future it’s still possible now after the 1.1 patch.

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