How Long to Beat Palworld

Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, with it being touted as a survival Pokemon-style game. Currently, Palworld is one of only six titles to reach over one million concurrent players on Steam and it has already seen over five million sales in the handful of days that it has been released.

As it is an open-world survival game, there is plenty on offer to explore and this will only continue to grow as the game sees more updates in the future, but just how long does it take to beat Palworld?

According to How Long To Beat, Palworld should take approximately 18 hours to complete the main story of the game. This is just by going through the main objectives of the game without focusing on completing everything that the game has to offer.

However, if you’re a completionist and want to experience all of the content in the game, capture all of the Pals, and unlock everything in the game, expect this to take approximately 54 hours. This means that there is plenty of content to dive into, and it will only keep expanding as time goes on.

Right now, Palworld is in early access and has only been available for a few days with one patch being released for the game. As time goes on, Pocketpair should release plenty of new updates which will add new content as the developers eventually take the game to a full release. This could vastly expand what the game has to offer and could see it taking much longer to complete in the future.

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