Sean Bean Returning to Hitman in Free to Play Event

sean bean hitman

IO Interactive has revealed a new roadmap for the Season of Undying in Hitman: World of Assassination. It’s the first list of events taking place this year, and at the top of the table sits Sean Bean as a returning ‘Elusive Target’ in The Undying, a free-to-play event that’s going to run from March 22 to April 21.

Kill The Undying

There are new targets, events, challenges, and a planned Twitch Drops campaign all opening up in the next few months for Hitman: World of Assassination. This live-service game has proven to be a hit with fans of the iconic Agent 47, providing them with constant updates that keep the ecosystem alive in place of a new adventure.

From March 22 to April 21, players will be invited to hunt Sean Bean in The Undying. Bean is returning to the role of Mark Faba, a fan-favourite target and an instantly recognisable face – which should make him easy to locate and assassinate.

Bean’s character was introduced as the game’s first Elusive Target back in 2018 when the title was then known as Hitman 2.

There’s a special Easter-themed event called the Berlin Egg Hunt kicking off on March 28, a day which also marks the arrival of the ‘Oocyanin Hunt’ challenge. Between now and the end of June, there will be five new Elusive Target contracts, three challenges, a series of ‘Curated Contracts’, and ‘The Purple Duck Streak’ Twitch Drops campaign.

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