Henry Cavill to Produce and Star In ‘Warhammer 40k Series’

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It has been a hard few weeks for Henry Cavill. First, he dropped out of The Witcher to resume his casting as the Man of Steel and was promptly replaced in the Netflix adaptation by Liam Hemsworth (right?). Then, almost out of nowhere, Warner Bros. decides it doesn’t want to continue with Man of Steel 2, thus leaving Cavill well and truly out of a job.

However, showing resilience worthy of the Son of Krypton, Cavill appears to have landed a new role – and one that fits closely with his own personal passions. It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Cavill will be starring and executive producing a live-action adaptation of the Warhammer 40k franchise.

A Banner Year For Adaptations

It seems that the ‘in thing’ right now is video game adaptations – bringing popular gaming franchises to the big (or small) screen in wondrous ways. Recently, we reported on the God of War TV show finally being confirmed as being in existence, but there are so many more shows in the works or on the way.

Within the next year or two, we’ll be seeing the Fallout series debut, a Gears of War live-action adaptation, and now, a Warhammer 40k series.

This is yet another project that is allegedly being backed by Amazon, which is apparently on the edge of securing the movie and television rights to the franchise after several months of negotiations, and Henry Cavill has been selected to both star in and produce the show.

There were whisperings on social media of this project surfacing, thanks to the likes of fellow actor Rahul Kohli incessantly pushing for a Warhammer 40k series on Twitter:

Cavill has long been known as a bit of a nerd, having built a gaming PC on stream, lost time to gaming marathons, and of course, he has been a Warhammer fan for years.

Another Step for Warhammer

Recently, at The Game Awards, it was announced that a Space Marine 2 title is in development, bringing a fresh title to the franchise after more than a decade. It’s not exactly known what angle the Warhammer 40k series will take, but regardless, having these two projects revealed back-to-back is an absolute boon for the loyal fans of the franchise.

It’s worth stressing that this isn’t a guaranteed delivery – the deal between Amazon and Games Workshop is in the final stages, according to The Hollywood Reporter – but it looks good. It’s time to watch the airwaves and see what is confirmed in the near future.

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