Halo Infinite Update Coming March 19th Overhauls Networking And More

Halo Infinite plans 343 industries layoffs

A new official blog post today revealed plans for a major Halo Infinite update on March 19th, featuring a networking overhaul, a new anti-cheat tool and more.

Halo Infinite is getting “a completely overhauled networking model”, previously tested in Firefight and the Combat Workshop. The devs say “we are confident that this updated model will result in a better and more consistent multiplayer experience”.

The update will also introduce the Easy Anti-Cheat tool, which “monitors players’ game files while they’re playing Halo Infinite”.

The tool will also “our detection and enforcement capabilities will be enhanced”. Naturally, the devs did not spell out exactly how. But any new tool against cheating is a great gesture that could improve online matches.

Aside from those two highlights, there will also be some important minor additions.

This includes QOL fixes and “lots of improvements to stability”. The latter should definitely please longtime fans that face notable crashes.

The March update will also introduce Firefight Custom, a “blank” Firefight mode. The devs describe this upcoming mode as “Firefight: King of the Hill without the King of the Hill”.

This Halo Infinite update is quite the overhaul and adds many key features. It’s a shame this arrives so long after launch, but it should give the title legs as 343 moves forward.

Halo Infinite earned a lot of buzz when it first launched, with multiplayer that resembled old school gameplay. Unfortunately, the game took a long time to add in central content that fans expected. But it did evolve and win over more fans over time.

Halo Infinite recently ended Seasons in January, replacing them with “Operations”. Developer 343 Industries explained that “we also have additional teams now, accelerating towards the future, working on brand new projects”.

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