Knowing a game’s system requirements is the first step in preparing for an upcoming launch. If you can’t run the game, it allows you time to temper your expectations. With that in mind, what are the Dungeonborne system requirements? Can You Run Dungeonborne on Your PC? Ultimately, you shouldn’t have much issue running Dungeonborne. The game’s system requirements prove rather relaxed, with low-end systems, such as laptops, capable of running the game adequately. If you want to crank every graphical […]

Your typical extraction shooter doesn’t offer the usual class system, as they’re more likely to revolve around firearms and tactical shooter gameplay. But this new breed of extraction shooter, the one delving into fantasy dungeons and loot, offers plenty of breathing room to experiment. So, what are the Dungeonborne classes? Every Dungeonborne Class in the Game On launch day, Dungeonborne will feature a total of eight classes, accommodating various playstyles and aesthetics that players will likely flock to in droves. […]

The extraction shooter genre is heading in all the right directions. When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than a dungeon-delving experience, which is why I invested so much time into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But it never truly scratched that itch altogether. In steps titles such as Dark and Darker and Dungeonborne, taking the adventure to new heights. But how high? For instance, is Dungeonborne PvP? Is Dungeonborne PvP Only? No, Dungeonborne is not solely a […]

Ever since the ever-growing popularity of titles such as Dark and Darker took the extraction genre by storm, we’ve witnessed firsthand as a subgenre blooms and flourishes. Now, the first-person medieval extraction game is becoming ever more popular, with titles such as Dungeonborne launching soon. But how much will Dungeonborne cost? What is the Price of Dungeonborne? As of right now, there is no official word on how much Dungeonborne will cost. We do not have a price tag for […]

So far, we’ve witnessed a rather rough launch and a mixed response to Once Human’s launch on PC. It’s an open-world survival game from developer Starry Studio with an otherworldly horror twist on the usual fare. But it’s also a bit messy right now. The team is working diligently to iron out any issues for the community, but many still have questions about when they can play. Namely, do we know the Once Human PlayStation 5 release date? When is […]

Following the launch of the free-to-play survival game Once Human, players have some qualms and questions. There are concerns over privacy, issues with character creation, performance once within a server, and the launch of the title elsewhere. For instance, is Once Human cross-platform? Does Once Human Support Cross-Platform Play? Once Human does offer cross-platform support from day one! The studio announced that all accounts created for the game are cross-platform and that the game uses the same servers no matter […]

Following the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the entire back catalog of Call of Duty titles started expanding its reach. With the upcoming Black Ops 6 launching on Game Pass day one, what other titles will hit the subscription service? Is Modern Warfare 3 coming to Game Pass? Is MW3 On Game Pass? Modern Warfare 3 plans to launch on Game Pass, and you don’t have to wait long. […]

If you see an entire match of Warzone through to the finish, upon reaching the extraction scene, you’ll note a title above your name. It may appear random, but it’s not. The title you receive has a meaning. So, what does Ghost mean in Warzone? What is Ghost in Call of Duty: Warzone? When you receive Ghost in Warzone, it means you were one of the stealthiest players in the lobby. You kept out of firefights, avoided particularly hostile zones, […]

I don’t know about you, but I love getting free stuff. While I’m happy to support a developer or a game that I adore playing, the occasional free gift simply for inputting a code on a redemption site for Destiny 2, for instance, helps build loyalty and hype. With that in mind, here are the Destiny 2 codes for July 2024! All Current Destiny 2 Codes for July There are quite a few July Destiny 2 codes available that you […]

I’m going to be honest; I didn’t expect to enjoy Zenless Zone Zero as much as I have over the past week. I’m playing it on PC, but I thought about booting up my Xbox Series S to download the game there. Like many of you, I’m wondering whether the game is available on Xbox and, if not, then when. Is Zenless Zone Zero coming to Xbox? Can You Play Zenless Zone Zero on Xbox? Currently, you cannot play Zenless […]

While the Descendants themselves steal the show, with their unique abilities and appearances, it’s the weapons that will help push you to new heights. If your primary rifle is weak, you won’t be able to push end-game content. Well, here is where to get new weapons in The First Descendant! How to Get New Guns in The First Descendant There are multiple ways to acquire new weapons in The First Descendant. You can unlock powerful guns via the game’s battle […]

You can only access three Descendants when you first start playing The First Descendant. But as you progress, you can unlock additional heroes with unique playstyles and abilities. One of the coolest is Valby. She’s a water-based Descendant capable of dealing AOE damage to mobs. Here is how to unlock Valby in The First Descendant! Unlock Valby Using Research There are two ways to unlock Valby in The First Descendant, and the most worthwhile is using the Research Institute. You […]