GTA Online Players Being Hunted by The Gooch

the gooch

It’s time for the festivities to arrive in GTA Online, and that traditional means there’s going to be a period of special events, a snow-filled map, and potentially some rather bizarre activities taking place.

This year, Rockstar Games has outdone itself, introducing The Gooch to GTA Online. It’s a fun-filled parody of The Grinch, of course, with a naming convention that is truly reminiscent of Rockstar’s tongue-in-cheek humour.

It’s a minor thing, but there are rewards attached to it, and with it being part of a free update, it costs nothing for players to jump into the game and hunt down… The Gooch.

You’re A Mean One, Mr… Gooch?

GTA Online’s Gooch Mask. Yep.

There’s a whole host of fresh content this year, with the Winter Update dropping and bringing new vehicles, events, an all-new weapon, and a series of holiday-themed cosmetics. If there’s one thing GTA Online players are hunting right now in the game, it’s the ultra-rare Gooch mask.

Yes, that’s a thing, and yes, people want it.

If a player spends at least forty-five minutes in a GTA Online session with at least one other player, they’ll be attacked by the one, the only, The Gooch. He’ll proceed to mug the player in question, stealing their pocketed cash and snacks (because The Gooch has the munchies), and then he’ll turn tail and run.

When the player gives chase – because revenge is absolutely necessary and best served cold in the snow of Los Santos – they can fight and kill The Gooch. Upon doing so, they’ll receive The Gooch Mask, as well as $25,000, and whatever the mischievous creature stole from them in the first place.

In this festive-themed update, there are snowman costumes, candy cane melee weapons, and holiday-themed vehicle liveries.

But no, players are more intent on equipping a mask dropped by a creature called The Gooch.

That’s Grand Theft Auto!

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