GTA Online Hacks Worsen as Players Warned ‘To Not Play at All’

gta online hacks

In the last few days, the PC version of GTA Online has found itself plagued by some of the most malicious hacks and exploits the platform has ever seen. For years, GTA Online hacks have been an ongoing and troublesome issue, but this new wave that’s reportedly being driven by the GTA 5 source code leak that occurred in 2022 is on another level entirely.

For players logging in without a firewall, several things can happen. They could find their stats being totally modified, their accounts banned, their data corrupted, and their PC impacted by a particularly aggressive cheat engine.

Don’t Take Any Chances

When the news regarding this new wave of exploits and hacks surfaced on Twitter, players started immediately advising gamers to not even log into GTA Online. As the ‘partial remote code execution’ hacks circulate, mod menus are being delivered that allow cheaters to manipulate several key aspects of the game.

According to the insider, @TezFunz2 on Twitter, Rockstar’s security teams are fully engaged and working hard on the situation at hand, but fans are concerned – and for good reason. Last year, one of the biggest breaches in gaming history took place when the source code for GTA 5 was stolen and distributed, along with almost 100 GB of content from the upcoming GTA 6 project.

Rockstar Games has had a rocky time of late, and not just within the confines of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In the last year, fans have accused the developer of ultimately abandoning a vast portion of its community by way of essentially avoiding putting any further value into the Red Dead Online platform.

Until this worrying situation blows over, PC-based GTA Online players should invest in a rigorous firewall or avoid playing the game at all.

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