GTA 6 Publisher Take-Two to Layoff 5% of its Workforce and Cancel Games

Take-Two Interactive has announced that it will lay off 5% of its workforce and cancel some of its games.

According to the GTA publisher, the move is to save around $165 million a year. The move that has already been approved by its board also calls for the company to find more ‘efficiencies’ across its business in order to boost profit margins.

In 2025, the publisher will launch arguably its most significant game ever, Grand Theft Auto 6, which is expected to bring in billions of dollars in revenue for the company. Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5, sold $1 billion in units in a matter of days.

The company said in May 2023, it had 11,580 full-time employees worldwide as of March 2023.

The company estimated that it would incur about $160 million – $200 million in charges in connection with the plan, including about $120 million to $140 million related to videogame-title cancellations.

Take-Two Interactive expects the changes to be completed by the end of 2024.

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  1. Which games? I assume GTA is safe but are Max Payne, Bully, and Mafia? Are they gonna cancel sports games like give up the WWE license?

    1. Exactly games implies multiple what others games do they make? They primarily just make sports titles and rockstar games with the rare bioshock or mafia title here and there.

      1. It’s a possibility when they formed TKO early talks about moving it to EA were discussed since UFC is there.

    2. Bully 2 and Max Payne remakes I think could be cancelled and maybe TKO has agreed to part ways with them and take WWE to EA that’s the most of what they could cancel since GTA 6 won’t be cancelled, Mafia 4 is for sure happening, Red Dead 3 hasn’t started development, and Judas just got gameplay shown. Borderlands is a possibility too but it looks weird them buying Gearbox then.

  2. GTA 6 is safe, Judas is safe, so what are they cancelling they have nothing else besides sports games and Borderlands. That would be stupid they buy Gearbox but cancel the next Borderlands game. Maybe they shouldn’t have bought Borderlands.

    1. I think you mean Gearbox but yes they shouldn’t have bought them if it led to this.

  3. “Come back to the office so we can abuse and fire you”

    1. Also remember they just bought Gearbox. The game devs need to unionize and protest all this injustice across the industry.

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