GTA 6 Is ‘Really Gonna Look Like This,’ Says Former Rockstar Dev

gta 6 graphics

There are many gamers out there who saw the GTA 6 trailer and were immediately suspended in a state of disbelief, doubting that it could possibly look that good. From dense traffic to packed beaches, and from sumptuous lighting to some of the most realistic water we’ve ever seen, GTA 6 looks – at first blush – phenomenal. It’s a wonder it’s destined to land on the current generation of consoles.

But, according to a former Rockstar New England developer (an animator) who worked on GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 will look that good when it’s released in 2025.

Or Even Better?

How much better can it get? Rockstar Games has anything up to two years to polish GTA 6, given the launch window of 2025.

In a 12-minute video, Mike York, a former animator at Rockstar New England, spoke at length about Grand Theft Auto 6, fanboying with the rest of us over how impressive the game looks. He played back the trailer scene by scene, pointing out intricate details and offering his insider knowledge about how these games are made by Rockstar’s teams.

This is an in-game cutscene. A lot of the games that you see are done with cinematics and they cut to a scene, and it’s not all in-game… It’s kind of pre-rendered, and then you see it. But everything that you see in a GTA game is all done in-game. Every single cutscene — if you see that building way in the back, you can go to that building, you can climb it, you can jump off it, right? This game is very elaborate, and that’s why it takes them to take so long to make.

Later, York said:

I’m really impressed with how far they’re bringing the graphics for an in-game kind of version of this. A lot of times you see cinematics used, but this is not that, when you play this game, it’s really gonna look like this.

Rockstar’s first trailer for GTA 6 has proven to be a showstopper, smashing records and racking up 100 million views in the space of an hour. It’s monumental and there likely isn’t a single other franchise out there today that has the pulling power of Grand Theft Auto.

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