GTA 5 Leak Suggests EIGHT DLCs Were Scrapped

gta 5 dlc leak

Earlier, we reported on a sizeable leak that saw GTA 5’s source code, some fresh code from GTA 6, and files from the cancelled Bully 2 project appear online. It was a follow-on from last year’s super-sized leak that saw more than 100 GB of content break out following a hack that slammed Rockstar Games and GTA 6.

Now, some eagle-eyed gamers have dived deep into the content dug up from GTA 5, which includes thousands of lines of code, conceptual maps, renditions of buildings and characters, and much more. It has been determined that as many as eight pieces of DLC originally destined for GTA 5’s single-player portion were scrapped over the years.

Why Did GTA 5 Never Get DLC?

It was back in 2017 when representatives of Rockstar Games lifted the lid on why there was no DLC for GTA 5. It was party because GTA Online was so successful and such a huge money maker that it hogged resources, but it was also because GTA 5’s story was ‘very, very complete’. It also took a lot of effort to produce the next-gen versions that dropped a year after the game’s original release.

In the recent leak that saw the entire source code and a slew of content for GTA 5 hit the airwaves and social circles the world over, the following planned pieces of DLC were uncovered. They never managed to see the light of day:

  • ‘SP Assassination Pack’
  • ‘SP Manhunt Pack’
  • ‘SP Norman Pack’
  • ‘Agent Trevor’
  • ‘Relationship Pack’
  • ‘Enterprise Pack’
  • ‘Prologue DLC’
  • ‘LibertyV DLC’

So, according to that list, we were set to return to Liberty City, explore what happened before the game took place, and potentially hold down relationships across Los Santos. There was potentially going to be a DLC that would let players run sizeable businesses outside of those already available, and we could have seen Trevor assume the role of an ‘Agent’ of some kind.

There’s a nod to ‘SP Manhunt’ pack, which (and this is a reach) might have been some kind of crossover from Rockstar’s gory 2003 game of the same name.

They’re confined to history, sadly.

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