Gray Zone Warfare Prices and Bundles Revealed

gray zone warfare prices

Ahead of the reveal of the early access release date, MADFINGER Games has shed light on the various editions that’ll be made available for Gray Zone Warfare when it launches. There are four tiered ‘packages’, each of which boasts attributes that’ll get players started on their journey through this open-world survival shooter with extraction-based mechanics and tactical FPS elements.

Gray Zone Warfare Versions Confirmed

In a handy graphic, MADFINGER Games revealed the four editions that’ll be available to purchase for Gray Zone Warfare. Incredibly, this sizeable open-world multiplayer-based experience boasts a very low price tag – but for those looking to back the development of the game further, there’s a substantial bundle that features a lot of bells and whistles.

Here are the Gray Zone Warfare versions:

  • Standard Edition ($35)
    • 10×25 Locker, 2×2 Secure Lockbox, Standard Edition Equipment, $10,000 In-Game Currency
  • Tactical Edition ($57)
    • 10×35 Locker, 2×2 Secure Lockbox, Standard and Tactical Equipment, $15,000 In-Game Currency
  • Elite Edition ($79)
    • 10×45 Locker, 3×2 Secure Lockbox, Standard – Elite Equipment, $20,000 In-Game Currency
  • Supporter Edition ($99)
    • 10×60 Locker, 3×3 Secure Lockbox, Standard – Supporter Equipment, $25,000 In-Game Currency, Exclusive Clothing, Special Name Colour, Unique Badge

On April 29, MADFINGER Games is going to reveal the early access release date for Gray Zone Warfare. Given the recent sentiment around the game’s biggest competitor – Escape from Tarkov – it seems highly likely that early investment is going to run rampant.

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