Gravity Rush 2 Remastered is Coming to PS5 & PC, it’s Claimed

It has been claimed that Gravity Rush 2 Remastered is coming to the PS5 and PC and that fans should expect news in May.

The news comes courtesy of ‘Orangee’ via the Team Alua Gravity Rush Discord server. Orangee previously leaked that a Gravity Rush movie was in development and that it would be revealed at CES – which came true. According to Orangee, the game is currently in playtesting.

The user also said that the Gravity 2 Rush Remaster will first be coming to PlayStation 5, with a PC release following some point thereafter.

Gravity Rush 2 was first released in 2017 and is assumed that it wasn’t a commercial success for the publisher. However, with a movie now in development, it could make sense to release a remaster alongside it.

The original Gravity Rush was remastered and released worldwide by February 10, 2016, and “generally favorable” reviews from critics.

Will you be purchasing Gravity Rush 2 Remastered on its release? Let us know in the comments.

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