Gray Zone Warfare’s Massive ‘Patch 2’ is Live Now

gray zone warfare patch 2

MADFINGER Games has just dropped Gray Zone Warfare’s ‘Patch 2’, the highly anticipated overhaul that impacts many areas of the popular open-world extraction shooter. Since being released on April 30, Gray Zone Warfare has gone from strength to strength, presenting players with a unique perspective on the tactical-slash-extraction shooter niche that offers complete freedom and no real restrictions.

It’s a beast of a patch – read on to check out what’s new in Gray Zone Warfare’s 0.1.2 update.

All About The Gray Zone

Recently, we caught up with MADFINGER’s Rick Lagnese to talk about the success of Gray Zone Warfare and to plot the future of the game. It’s an exciting and developing space to be sure, and with almost one million copies sold in the last two months, Gray Zone is setting a new standard for what’s expected from extraction shooters.

Here are some of the most important aspects of Patch 2:

  • 9 new landing zones added for boosted convenience
  • VRAM optimisations to make the game run smoother on various GPUs
  • Rubber-banding reduced through optimisations (one of the biggest issues in GZW)
  • Ground Zero’s radiation has been ‘fixed’ in the centre of the map
  • Disconnect protection has been tweaked, allowing players to reconnect to the same server
  • Friendlies in base camps can’t be looted – which means no more exploits
  • More than 100 bug fixes (audio, lighting, clipping, scenery, etc)

MADFINGER has also ‘polished various world locations’ and removed a few lines of dialogue and environmental objects because they either weren’t right or they were buggy.

The first major major update for Gray Zone Warfare is on the horizon, and MADFINGER has promised that soon, the full roadmap will be revealed. This will give us a date for the day/night cycle and whatever else is coming next.

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